Disinfect your own mask during a coffee break

    UVC   f i n i s h -disinfection cabinet

    Face mask disinfection cabinet developed, tested and manufactured in Finland.

    The UVC finish effectively disinfects the surgical mask and the FFP2 mask.

    The treatment achieves the standard microbiological purity requirements (EN 14683).

    Reusing masks reduces rubbish and saves both nature and money.

    E A S Y   AND

    R E L I A B L E

    The UVC finish disinfection cabinet is intended for disinfecting your own face mask, for example in a workplace break. The cabinet is easy to use. Lift the lid and place your surgical / FFP2 mask in the holders, close the lid, and start. The operation light turns off automatically after six minutes. Open the lid, turn the mask and start the second treatment. After a total of 12 minutes of irradiation, the mask is ready for reuse.

    The mask treatment can be repeated 10 times if there is no visible dirt in the mask. Disinfection does not remove dirt, such as grease, and dirt impairs disinfection performance.

    When treating face masks with UVC an odour may be generated when the organic particles are destroyed.  After treatment, any odours can be removed by spraying Softcare odour remover on the mask. Softcare is a safe water-based odor neutralizer.

    In the UVC finish cabinet, a mask is placed between two bulbs to sterilize both the inner and outer surfaces. Effective disinfection requires direct irradiation. A total of 110 masks were submitted to EN 14683: 2019 studies during the cabinet development. Summary of disinfection cabinet test results.

    Designer: Finishfire Ky (licensed)
    Manufacturer: Innojok Oy

    Cabinet: steel (Uudenmaan Ohutlevy Oy)

    12 min UVC dose: at least 1200 mJ/cm2
    Outer dimensions: 8,8 x 38 x 38 cm
    Weight: 4,7 kg

    Warranty: 2 years

    Price: 389 € 

    UVC 254 nm

    UVC light at 254 nm has been proven to be effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and moulds. A UVC dose of 1048 mJ/cm2 is required to destroy the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). UVC is dangerous to humans, animals, and plants. It burns skin and damages eyes.

    Effective disinfection requires direct irradiation. Reflected UVC radiation loses its effectiveness by 60-90%. A layer of dirt or shading weakens and/or prevents UVC radiation from entering the object to be disinfected. UVC radiation embrittles plastics, rubber, and other materials.

    The two microswitches on the UVC finish cabinet ensure that the UVC fluorescent tubes are switched off whenever the cover is open. The overlapping structure of the cover and the frame prevents the rays from reaching the user. The source of UVC radiation is two 9-watt fluorescent tubes that are ozone-free.

    A mask is placed between the two bulbs to achieve reliable and uniform sterilization. Irradiation for 12 minutes in a UVC finish cabinet gives a UVC dose of at least 1200 mJ / cm2 to all surfaces of the mask.


    Manufacturer of Softcare deodorizer Soft Protector.  

    Manufacturer of FFP2 mask  JedX Medcare.  

    Manufacturer of surgical mask Lumi Dental.