fire extinguisher cabinet

Picture frame or notice board. Finishfire® cabinet makes fire extinguishers part of the interior. In case of fire, extinguishers will be found and initial extinguishing begins quickly. The picture of The Frame is easy to change: photo, drawing, emergency information, fire symbol, poem. Fire extinguishing spray together with fire blanket, inside the cabinet will ensure that the right type of equipment is at hand.  Video.

The use of this fire extinguishing spray does not require much strength, so it can also be used by The elderly and young. The fire blanket suffocates the fire, you can also use it to protect yourself from burning.

The frame is valued present to anyone and a great wedding gift.
Award-winning design and protected innovation.


The Frame is sheet metal and mounted on the wall with two screws. The plastic sheet insert slides vertically out and is white on its flip side. Here you can attach any image you like: photo, drawing, graphics, emergency information... The image should be cut to the dimensions of the plastic sheet, this way the image will be longer in length than the visible aperture (16x16cm) and it stays in place. If the cabinet is used in public space, the image should be the official fire blanket image. The plastic sheet can also be replace with the mirror or chalkboard. Exterior dimensions: 8,5x38x38cm. Available in matt black and white. Cabinets are meant for private use, hotel rooms or office space.


If desired, Frame can also be a key cabinet. The keyholes are pivotable by hand. The hooks are almost 4 cm, so one hook can hold more keys. Tip: A flashlight is one of the emergency equipment you need, place it inside the Frame.


Fire blanket 120 x180cm is pulled out from the open bottom. The handles of the fire blanket can be hidden. The blanket is made of 100% fiberglass fabric which is not flammable. This product protects you from burning and it is used to suffocates flames. Please review how to use the blanket on video.


The fire extinguisher spray is removed by lifting the cover. FireStopper is a compact, efficient and easy to use extinguishing spray that can be used by all (children included). It doesn't make a mess like a powder fire extinguisher. Fire safety 5A 21B 5F. See the video.


 Forssan LVI-Valmiste Oy manufactures the metal parts. Foiltek Oy and Serimedia Oy produces the plastic sheet. FireStopper is from GPBM Nordic AB. The fire blanket is made in China, the importer does not provide more detailed information.