"I designed the first Finishfire cabinet in 2016 when my daughter's tablet was close to burn down our home." Tells the founder of FinishFire, Finnish designer Sanna Liimatainen.


"Fire extinguisher cabinets have remained almost the same since the 50's, so it was about time to upgrade their appearance and come up with an initial extinguishing cabinet. Design is often the center of attention. That's not the case with Finishfire. These products are intended to adapt into various interiors. I have achieved awards and patents, but I'm still working with blisters in my hands."


There are many types of fire extinguishers and you should be able to choose the one that suits your needs. For example, using a 6 kg extinguisher bottle is too demanding for the elderly or child. The fire blanket is effective, but it can't put out fire behind a shelf. A small foam extinguisher is easy to use and not messy, but it must be nearby in the start of the fire. All fire extinguishers are useless if you can't find them.


My father used to say "justify". So I often, especially at night, find myself thinking about the most diverse things. One night a series of "Art in Frame" was created. In the picture above is work "The bigger the " It's a statement of false eyelashes that one cashier had. Next to this is my visualization of the pursuit of perfection.

"I don't want to design anything useless. There is already enough waste"

F I N I S H F I R E ®

In order to guarantee product quality and responsibility I want to keep Finishfire production in Finland. Our packages have nothing in vain. Even the boxes are made of untreated cardboard. I think it is fair and important for consumers to have access to the manufacturer's information. Made in Xland is not enough. So I want share with you all the information and also the data if the information is not given to me.

I'm really proud of the design awards that I got for Frame and Charging Platform. I want to announce it by sharing these links with you: A´Design Award Winner and Silver as well as European Product Design Award Silver and Bronze.

On Youtube I share tips from fire-fighting professionals and product introductions.

Make sure that all users of the space know the location of the extinguishers and know how to use them. Note that our small cabinets has preliminary firefighting equipment. There should also be a 6kg fire extinguisher nearby.

- Sanna Liimatainen-