FireStopper spray 600ml

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This product is available only in Finland.

Housegard FireStopper is a compact and effective foam primer spray. The fire extinguisher does not mess like a powder extinguisher. The spray bottle can also be used by children (over ten years) and the elderly. You can reach the fire even in the most awkward places, even behind the cabinet. Link to manufacturer's website: Housegard. 

Bottle replacement after 3-4 years of production.

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• Soveltuu erityyppisten materiaalin sammutukseen: puu, paperi, tekstiili ja palavat nesteet.

• Paloluokka 5A 21B 5F. Sähköpalot 1000 V saakka.

• Toiminta aika on 30-35 sekuntia.

• Säilytetään jäätymiseltä suojattuna.

• Säilyvyys 3 vuotta.