The use of this fire extinguishing spray does not require much strength, so it's can also be used by elderly and children. The fire blanket suffocates the fire, you can also use it to protect yourself from burning. Make sure that all users of the space know the location of the extinguishers and know how to use them. Note that frame cabinet has preliminary firefighting equipment. 


Frame as a key cabinet. The hooks behind the fire blanket space are turned up. The key cabinet version does not have a fire blanket.

Fire extinguisher spray is removed by lifting the cover. FireStopper is a compact, efficient and easy to use extinguishing spray that can be used by all (children included). It doesn't make a mess like a powder fire extinguisher. Fire safety 5A 21B 5F. See how it is used Link to importer pages Housegard.

Frame by designer Sanna Liimatainen was awarded in 2017 with A´design award Silver as well as the European Product Design Award Bronze prizes.

Fire extinguishers are included in the sales package. NOTE! This only applies to sales in Finland. Sales to Sweden without spray bottles. Because of the transportation regulations.

Dimensions: 8,5x38x38cm.

The image area: 16x16cm. The plastic picture sheet has Finishfire logo and is white on its flip site. Here you can set your own picture or download free pictures from our stock. Link to the stock.

Made of sheet metal.

Available in matt black and white.

This is how you change the frame image and take out the fire extinguishers.